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A professional communications company that offers exceptional integrated communications clients.

AIGC North America principals and team members are committed to providing our clients with innovative web strategies and proven solutions to complex online marketing challenges.

AIGC North America Venture Capital Devision focus on visionary entrepreneurs, AIGC North America invests in exceptional people with extraordinary Start Ups ideas



Websites We create websites and applications that users simply can't resist. If you want to draw some attention and just stand out from the line then go with us!

Web analytics We can analyze your current website from many different angles i.e. traffic and user experience and based on that, we can help you improve it.

Mobile solutions For us, creation of mobile apps is just a piece of cake. Android, iOS, Windows Phone, whatever you throw at us. And we optimize webpages for these devices too.

Internet marketing We can can carefully create, manage and take care of your ad campain to make sure it's really effective. You can finally be seen on the internet!

E-commerce Give your profits a boost by selling them on the internet. Whichever size your business is, believe, that even a tiny e-shop can bring you a ton of money!

Venture Capital (Amous Swans) If Black Swans are unforeseen calamitous events, Amous Swans are great companies most of us never saw coming. They are built by entrepreneurs who create joy for their customers, provide meaning to their employees, and who scare their shareholders by passing on acquisition offers. They tend to be movements as much as businesses. We are honored to be a part of them.

How we invest? We look for a retrospectively-explainable but hard to predict collision of three factors required for a large disruptive outcome:


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